Saturday, March 07, 2009


I had the best of intentions today, to spend my time with Brenna in the most fulfilling way possible while Emily was off working. I thought we'd go swinging in the yard, play in her house, go down her slide (well her, not me, I tried it once and got stuck), and maybe do some cool things in her room.

Instead I got this:

Well, okay, perhaps I'm not telling the story of our day together in the proper order. Although this picture just screams America, doesn't it? Sitting on your butt in your underwear, leg propped on the arm of a couch, eating fast food and watching TV. Ah, such motivation! The American Way!
In reality, Brenna and I had a fun afternoon over at Grandma's, preparing a raised bed for some lasagna gardening (I'll try and explain that at a later time). We also enjoyed going through the nursery at Lowes, picking out plants for the aforementioned planter. Brenna enjoyed stomping through every puddle she could find, and also reveled in trying to run over other customers whilst pushing the cart.
The Arbys endulgence didn't happen until after we picked Emily up and got home. I learned an important lesson today as well that the portable DVD player is the great pacifer when travelling in the card with a 2 year old that doesn't want to be confined to a car seat. Yes, coming from someone with a college education, you would have thought I'd figured that out a looooong time ago. But again, my common sense can only be found sometimes only when using a microscope.

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