Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back To The Ren Fair

Emily had the last week of the festival off to enjoy the goings on, so we headed out there today with the family to check it all out.

The first shot here pictures mama and cousin Rachel walking the grounds with Brenna, who was decked out in a neat outfit made by Emily. We discovered when we got there that her stroller had a flat tire, so she was carried or walked everywhere.

Here are a few shots of her listening to the harpist, whom she enjoyed last year as well.

And listening to the harpist still, with cousin Rachel, also looking lovely on this fine day.

And finally, for entertainment value, three years of posing with Dextre, and every year Brenna is not looking at the camera or looking terribly excited about the photo op.
Here's 2007:

Here's 2008:
And finally, 2009:

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