Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yet Another Update

Keep reading and I promise that beyond the bedroom pictures you will find new Brenna ones.
And skip over to the Hoes blog, I'm posting a few yard pictures. With our temps being in the 70s this past week, some things are starting to bloom.
Oh yes, and we've uploaded a new Brenna art piece at the Art Gallery.
We're almost finished with our bedroom project, below is my dresser with a few plants added this past weekend. We'll be replacing the blinds with bamboo ones once we get the window sized up.

Here is Emily's dresser, the same as mine. It barely fit in the back of our Passport, whew! We still have a mirror to hang here (leaning against the dresser) and the ceiling fan. Thanks to Aunt Sue for the wonderful suggestion to purchase palm blades for our existing fan, but in the end we decided to replace the entire thing and move the old fan into my office.

Here's part of our new bedding, minus some extra throw pillows that Emily later discovered were down. We'll be taking those back to IKEA soon. In the corner there is a lamp/nightstand. We'll be hanging a canopy over the bed and will be blowing up some more pictures of our last trip together to Hawaii in here. Emily saw three pictures of some historic buildings in Kona that she thought would look good in sepia tone, I'll post those once they're done.
This weekend we tackle with Emily's dad's help, the crown molding, which is painted and ready to install!

Ok, enough of that. Because we miss Christmas so much, we put Brenna in this outfit a few nights ago and took pictures of her and her potty. Genious!
Emily is taking the little hair farmer to get a real haircut very soon. Hopefully I can tag along and take some pictures of that momentous occasion.

Here is Brenna holding her new favorite purse, given to her for Valentine's by Grandma H. We hope to be seeing her and Grandpa H again sometime in April.


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SpenceOhana said...

Room looks great! And of course Brenna looks cute!