Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Out Of Hiding

In my last picture-less update, I mentioned that the crown molding was up in our bedroom. Well, here's the proof. There is still some clean up to do to make it look finished, but it's definitely a step above having a non painted line around the top of the room.

Tonight Brenna did some more coloring, and this time around I got wise and took a few pictures. She's very intent when working the crayons and is further fascinated with sliding them in and out of the chute at the top of her crayon "box" (aka an old wipes box).

As you scroll down you'll find a picture of her latest work, entitled "Scribbles At Sunset".

This afternoon I finished demolishing my pride and joy on the back porch, my wooden planter. Emily mentioned the deck looks a lot larger without it, and I agree, but it was difficult tearing down something that I was proud of building just last year. At any rate, it's a done deal, and once I've taken a belt sander to the deck, I'll be putting in the pergola we bought a few months back. It was nearly 80 degrees today and it felt like every bit of it without overhead shade. I actually had to take my shirt off while I was shoveling the topsoil out of the old planter and into the yard.

If you mosey over to the Hoes blog, I've uploaded a picture of a an annual planter that I put out in the sun a few days ago that's now blooming. It's a combination of dianthus and alyssium (sp?). I like the color combination and got a good picture of both blooming at the same time. More pictures from the yard will be following soon, with the temperatures warming, there are numerous plants blooming now.

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