Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick Update

Spell check in Blogger must be permanently out of commission, or else I'm suffering from amnesia and can't remember how to use it. Don't be shocked by my spelling on a third grade level as you sift through this post.

Our new carpet is down in our bedroom. Between the fumes from it and the paint, my sinuses are plugged up, perhaps forever more.

We're pretty pleased with the paint color, combined with the carpet, the room reminds me of Key Lime pie, which is a nice thing to think of when going to sleep.

Emily is working on finishing up the trim, and once she's done with that, I'm going to tackle putting up crown molding (hence the white stripe at the top of the walls where we haven't bothered painting). We'll also be replacing this ceiling fan with one with palm fronds for blades.

No new Brenna pictures, sorry about that. She's been in such a foul mood with her canines coming in that you wouldn't want to see her anyway. The only thing that's kept her happy recently is a neat DVD of songs by her favorite artist, Laurie Berkner (sp?). She sings some neat kid friendly tunes that Brenna loves and sings along to in her own little way.

Some other new developments in Brenna's little world:

- Saying "my daddy" when I pick her up : )
- Identifying Elmo and Dora and calling them by name over and over and over again
- Showing interest in the potty (another new favorite word), although not too thrilled at this point in spending much time sitting on the one we got her
- Using lots of hand gestures and body movements when listening to her L.B. music, including beating her chest, stomping her feet, clapping her hands, and making all sorts of little noises to go along

I'm sure there are many more, I'll post them as they come to mind. I also have video of her singing/yelling along to the American Idol auditions, and will upload that as soon as I have time.


Sue said...

you know you can buy palm fronds that attach (slip over) existing blades?

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

We actually saw some of those in the Sky Mall magazine, but they cost as much as a brand new fan that comes with those types of blades, so for the same money we can move our existing fan into another room and replace it.