Monday, February 11, 2008

Brenna Sized Post
Again, my apologies in advance for any manhandling of the English language in the following post. Spell check is still not working for some reason and even if I proof read this, it would still be pretty bad.
We managed to capture a number of emotions this evening as Brenna read with Emily on the couch some of her favorite Pooh books and looked at some picture flash cards. Below are a few for your amusement.
This first shot is Brenna illustrating through interpretive dance what a butterfly looks like. Of course, with a still camera, you get part of the Vulcan greeting, minus one finger. Trust me, her hand movements for the butterfly are impressive.
BTW, we don't normally dress her in little boys clothes, I heard through the grapevine that there was a momentous pooing earlier today that sullied her first and/or second outfit of the day. She's recovering from an ear infection and pink eye and you can only imagine what the medication does to the old hind quarters.

But I digress. Here's a shot of Brenna pointing out something cool in one of her books. We'll say it was a monster truck with alligators in it, just to cover our bases.

In case I've failed to mention it before, Brenna is teething. Here's Exhibit A. Normally there is most of a fist in that pie hole, but tonight she's been favoring a finger at a time. Occasionally she bites down too hard on them and is very displeased about the whole affair.

This picture took a few takes, the first attempt our daughter looked a bit stoned. In this one she appears deep in thought as she immitates Winnie The Pooh, who's thinking about what to dress up as on that day in the 100 Acre Wood (a bumble bee, for those of you scoring at home).
This is the "think, think, think" portion of that storyline.

Here is a nice picture of Brenna chuckling at Emily doing something beyond all coolness. You can only imagine.

Ahh, a rare moment where Brenna is not clawing Emily's eyes out or swinging from the light fixtures bellowing like a wild yard ape. It's not all that bad, really.

Speaking of yard ape, Brenna was throwing down so hard on the xylophone tonight that she appeared in a flash in this picture.
In actuality the flash didn't fire, and here you go, art, voila.

Here she is, "slowed down", tinkling on her "ching chong ling a long", as we call it. She has another fine Pooh book where all of the characters are given instruments to play in a band, and Pooh gets the xylophone.

When time permits, I'll attempt to video tape Brenna making some fun and assorted animal sounds, as well as her commentary on this years upcoming Presidential election. She also chimes in on illegal immigration, pointing out a Hispanic baby in her Splash Time book, and calling him "Pedro", that is not to be missed.

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