Saturday, November 10, 2007

Satuday Supersized Post

Emily handed over her camera last night, and I found on it a slew of new Brenna pictures. Below are my favorite eight or nine of them.

Since I wasn't present when any of these were taken, allow me to provide my interpretation for each (my interpretive dance, as it were).

This first shot appears to be from daycare at Grandma and Auntie Beth's, we're sitting on the floor posing for Mommy. I'm guessing she was playing with the cool blanket that's behind her, and/or the wipes box, since we like pulling out every wipe and throwing them around on the floor... you know, for kicks.

This next one is at our house, I must have been in the boy's room or off doing something nefarious, I don't know. This is a picture apparently of our daughter Slumpy Slumperton, hanging out on the couch, being pleasant. We're not in nighttime clothes, so this must have been at some other random time, hanging around the house.

Here's another one from that same photo session, I like this one because it reminds of all of the drunk people I saw in alleyways in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras. I know, sue me for having a bit of a warped mind. If you're not following me, it's probably best that you don't, my mind will take you places you'd sometimes rather not go.

Moving right along, here's another picture at our house that I don't remember seeing Emily take (must be all the medication I'm on, or something). Brenna is doing what she does best, entertaining herself on the floor with one of her many assorted toys. Sorry, no video exists of her tractor getting flung around the room, like her firetruck. Another favorite pastime of hers that I've yet to capture on film is her dropping one of her plastic balls and chasing it across the floor, picking it up, and dropping it again. She's much more interesting than watching grass grow, and we don't have any grass, so there you go.

Ok, I was made aware of these pictures, this was Brenna's first day outside with the bigger kids at daycare. Auntie Beth bought Brenna some shoes for going outdoors, and you'll see them in their splendor later on down the line here.
I again wasn't there, but it would appear that Brenna took a liking to this scooty mobile thingy. Further on here it looks like the bigger kid behind her enjoyed pushing her around. Outta my way, crazy driver!

If I had something witty to say about each one of these pictures, I'd be rich beyond my means.

Here's a picture of what looks like our first time going down a slide. Our daredevil daughter opted to do this without pants on, what a trooper. That gravel rash is a killer.

And finally, a protective Brenna is looking off anyone wanting to take her drooled on (perhaps water, we just don't know) ball away from her.

By the way, Brenna and Emily are going on a big journey next weekend to Pennsylvania to visit some friends there. They'll be flying out for Chicago this Friday and taking a connector to Allentown (I think). If there is a three or four day lull in postings here around that time, you'll know why... not because Emily will have her camera (I have my own), but simply because my life isn't that interesting outside of being a daddy and bragging on my daughter. Stay tuned!

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