Monday, November 19, 2007

Brenna's Fantastic Journey
(Interpreted Through Carpet Readings)

Emily and Brenna are safely back from their trip to Pennsylvania. Fun was had by all.

I've plucked some random pictures from Emily's camera to share here, and will take a stab at explaining what's going on in each shot, with the assistance of carpet and other assorted flooring (stay with me, this is going somewhere, I promise).

This first shot appears to be Brenna sitting in her stroller in one of the three airports she frequented. I'm going to guess O'Hare in Chicago, although this could be Terminal 2 at Sky Harbor, as I'm only familiar with Terminal 4 and it's airplane patterned flooring. Either way, we appear to be patiently waiting for a plane.

This one is of Brenna patiently waiting for Emily to get ready so they could go visit with the other mothers and kiddies. She looks like she's sitting in the dentist's office waiting to get called back for a cleaning. I dig the rolled up pants.

This appears to be a picture from their hotel room. What a bizarre year that there are still leaves on trees in mid November that far north. Emily tells me it wasn't near as cold as she was expecting.

Ok, I'm guessing again my the cheap pattern and texture that this is Brenna and some new found friends visiting in the conference room at the hotel. There must be something interesting in that cup, what, we'll never know.

Here is Brenna hanging out at the host mother's house, I suspect on Saturday, when they all got together for an early Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Emily says that everyone loved the sweet potato casserole that she made from my mom's recipe. Ohio State ended up easily winning that game, in case you're wondering and/or live in a cave.

Here's Brenna, extremely excited to be hanging out with this fellow. I see she managed to commandeer some one's remote control. This is one of her favorite things to do, to change the channel to shopping networks or pay per view.

Brenna with a bunch of random people that I don't know. Comments welcome from the peanut gallery, if you wish to identify yourself.

Emily says it was snowing at the airport in Allentown/Bethlehem, sure looks like it. Goodbye to Pennsylvania!

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