Thursday, November 01, 2007

Peddling CDs

Emily and I recently got a wild hair to rip all of our CDs to MP3 and store them all on a snazzy 1TB portable hard drive. In doing that, we have a load of CDs that I'm slowly putting up for sale on For anyone out there that might by some small chance of fate share the same taste in music as either of us, this may be your opportunity to pick up some cheap tunes. So far we've sold about 50 discs and have at least 500 more to get rid of.

Why are we doing this, do you ask?

a) With a 1 year old, who has time for liner notes and snazzy packaging?
b) iPod, iPod, iPod
c) More space for our DVDs
d) We never use our stereo for listening to music
e) To save the environment (well, um, maybe not)

Anyway, here is a link to our store, check back often, I'm listing as many CDs as quickly as I can get around to it. Any special requests, drop us a comment.

1 comment:

SpenceOhana said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! Cool, I never even knew about now I know where I can buy DH some PS2 games for cheap! Thanks!