Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brenna Leftovers

In the grand Thanksgiving tradition, I give you leftovers from some recent events that I've skipped over in the past or simply missed while trying to update everyone on our happenings. A few of these that I've come across aren't too shabby.
We had a nice holiday weekend so far, starting off with turkey on Thursday at Emily's aunt's house. Friday was spent around the house, after we went to Kohl's at 4am to meet up with other maniac's looking for good deals (and there were plenty of those, definitely worth getting up that early).
Today (Saturday) we ran a few errands, and went to a movie this afternoon will Aunt Beth watched our little wild monkey girl (Beowulf was a pretty slick flick).
At any rate, below is a shot of Brenna and Emily at the church's fall festival, held a few weeks ago. This of Brenna inside the bounce house with her mama. Most of my shots from this turned out blurry (not enough light), but I found this one to share.

Here's one of me pushing Brenna around on her scooty puff lion mobile. She's gotten big enough to want to be pushed along on this thing, and I help her as far as my fat belly allows me to without passing out on the floor from exhaustion.

These are my favorite recent shots of Brenna helping me a) check my email, b) check my belly button for any nefarious lint items... and finally, just being darn cute.

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Anonymous said...

If she likes that check out these when you have a min. Bounce houses.