Friday, December 01, 2006

I Can Show You Some Of The People In My Life

I have no shame, thanks to Phil Collins for the title to this blog. It's actually one person in my life, and you'll see many pictures of her as you scroll down.

We've had a fairly uneventful week here, which is probably a good thing. Emily found something called Gripe Water that has calmed Brenna's night fits quite a bit. We're still taking car rides around the greater Apache Junction metroplex from time to time (and actually got rained once, well, spat on, depending on how you look at it), but our evenings after work are not as chaotic as they had been.

Anyway, the following picture is from tonight, Brenna's grasping something for the first time.... well, mom helped, but there it is. Brenna is carrying on her nightly conversation with her best friend, the bug eyed bee that resides to the right side (or left, hmmm) of her shaky chair. A rather lively discussion it was, I'm sure they were talking about the upcoming '08 elections, or something along those lines.

The next three pictures show the many faces of Brenna. These were all taken by Emily within seconds of each other. It would appear in the last of these three that our daughter is inciting a riot among the migrant workers, or some such. Who thought anarchy could be so much fun.

There's really no telling what's on her mind in this picture, but it looks like she's having fun.

And finally, the last picture, because I know it will take me the rest of the night to get this blog to align right (Blogger, your new beta site SUCKS). Ahem, below is a recent bath time adventure with mommy and baby girl. Brenna is typically very well behaved when getting cleaned up.

All in all, we're putting one foot in front of the next, and as long as we don't fall on our faces too often, I should say things are okay here.

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Aunt Sue said...

Love those pictures and accounts. Keep them coming.