Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For The Brenna Junkies
Seriously, if I had anything else other than Brenna pictures, I'd do it... no, really. This is not a Brenna only website... hey, did you see that last post? It was of a DIFFERENT baby! Yes, there are other babies out there besides our own, I fully acknowledge that! And hey, when cousin Melanie's little one arrives in February, I bet we'll have a picture of him here also!
Glad it's Wednesday already, everything is going well here. Yesterday Emily's mom came over and soothed Brenna while Emily sewed a baby sling and I cleaned house (as usual). Tonight I went over to the in-laws and planted some vines and bushes around the arbor/deck that Ron built for Becky. Emily is playing the part of baby bed right now while Dwight Yoakam's Greatest Hits plays in the background for perhaps the thousanth time this week (one of Brenna's favorite CDs, what can I say, the ladies love Dwight).
Here's something new, a Brenna picture! This is from some random morning earlier in the week, where I'm holding the sleepytime girl while mom is out catching dog pee for the morning blood sugar test. Yes, our dog has diabetes, if I haven't mentioned that before, and Emily collects piss and gives him a shot twice a day. We've both agreed that should anything else come up that we'll have to draw the line on extending Mr. Tazi's life. Not a happy thought, and I'd rather not change this blog site to The Adventures Of TEBO, but time will tell.

Okay, here's another one, some more candid Brenna close ups. She still gets a hoot out of her twirling sheep. In this picture, she's trying to help me beat on them, she gets a kick out of sheep in pain, apparently. Perhaps they've been baaaaaad. Okay, that was absolutely horrible, my apologies.

Here's what Brenna sees, for those of you wondering what these sheep look like. That would be my wife there in the corner.

And one more for the road....


Melanie said...

Wow, Brenna really got a great photo of the sheep. Nice job!

Her smile makes me smile. Keep up the awesome photos.

Tom & Emily said...

Yes, she's quite talented just like her old man. I'm especially impressed with her composition. Not everyone can capture a nosehole with that much panache.