Monday, December 04, 2006

Brenna At Church!

The nice lady in the church's daycare took this picture of Brenna, below is a brief snippet that she emailed Emily:

Brenna enjoyed the Nativity Story Sunday! We only let her sit in this seat for the picture but when she gets a little stronger I think she’ll feel really independent in there. Brenna responded to the “Bible Thoughts”. I believe she knows exactly what the story is, that God picked Mary and Joseph to be Jesus’ parents and we thank God for Brenna’s parents.

Have a wonderful week.

Blessings from Brenna’s teachers

Since our chuch has been without a permanent pastor, people have been leaving in droves for the "big church" on the corner down by Crismon and the highway (for all of you that know this area in detail, that would be my wife and I). I guess they don't like something about the gentleman that's been filling in since Tony's departure, or they don't like how the Seach Committee's finding a permanent replacement, but I find it utterly ridiculous if either of those are their reasons for moving somewhere else. I told Emily this earlier today, this email and picture show that we're truly blessed with the people that are still at Skyline and it doesn't matter who's delivering the message of salvation every Sunday, as long as it's being delivered and not being clouded by politics of misinterpretations of the Word.

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