Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are

I will hand it to ye old blog site, they maybe got something right with requiring loading photos from Picasa, after all.  The upload speed is mighty fast compared to pulling something off of your hard drive.  That being said, I reserve the right to continue bitching about this site, when it suits me, thank you very much.

Back to Where Tom Has Been, Part 2, now.  After spending a week in sleepy Casper, I spent a week in July overlooking Newark from a Hampton Inn, and as mentioned earlier, spending Independence Day being very dependent upon the safety of my hotel, watching DVDs the entire day.  

For your viewing pleasure, evidence that there is indeed grass in upstate New Jersey.   This was the first time I had been this far north into the sea of humanity, so there you go, a good old fashioned greenbelt.  Nevermind it was behind a gas station.

I liked this bridge enough that I took another picture of it.  Or maybe another dozen or so, there were only so many shots I could take from behind the hotel and the gas station next door.  I was on foot on this trip and wasn't about to stray too far from home base.

I did manage to watch a fireworks display from the hotel room one night.    They were being shot from minor league baseball stadium directly across the cesspool, I mean river.

This was as close to New York City as I got on this trip, as viewed from the tram at the Newark airport.   I would later return to the same area again in September and October, never getting to the Big Apple.   I did manage a decent view of the Statue Of Liberty whilst taking off out of Newark in October.

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