Monday, June 27, 2011

Hate To Say I Told You So

I had two goals today. First, to listen to The Hives "Hate To Say I Told You So", because I've had that song stuck in my head for weeks now. Second, to write a blog for the first time in three months (after my incredible double posting in one month, achieved back in March). Mission accomplished.

It would be utterly ridiculous to try and recap everything that the three of us (Emily, Brenna and I; not Curly, Mo and Shemp) have done since last we spoke, so I offer up here the last month in review. My apologies to April and May. Nothing good ever happens in those two months, anyway.

In celebration of Father's Day, Emily (mostly Emily) and I put together a nice little book of Brenna doing things over the years (yes, all four plus of them) with Grandpa Homans. Brenna contributed many a drawing for the book, but only one made the cut (for the back cover). I offer here for your viewing pleasure an outtake from those sessions.

This is apparently a picture of Brenna throwing two balls at Grandpa Homans, who luckily is equipped with hands the size of baseball mitts, perfect for the occasion. It would also appear that he is a blood relative of Harry Potter, so he may be levitating these balls in mid-air. A pretty impressive feat, indeed.

Emily went to a women's ministry thingy in Casa Grande in June as well, which was a nice little road trip for those of us that drove down to pick her up. They stayed at a hotel that was once the site of the San Francisco Giants' Spring Training facilities The place is apparently steeped in history, and it was interesting roaming the grounds and looking at the pictures in the lobby while we waited to pick her up. Below is a picture she took of one of the staircases there, supposedly modeled to look like a baseball stadium viewed from overhead. Well, okay then.

For no good reason in particular, here's a shot of our almost five year old. Egad, where has the time gone. As a reminder to those of you that stumble across today's blog, please click on the ad banners as you're passing through. I'm nearing another milestone that would allow us to deposit another paycheck in Brenna's college fund. In the immortal words of Robert Plant, "I thank you".

I hear that I had a birthday on the same day as Father's Day this year. I celebrated my 20th anniversary of turning 17. This years celebration was sponsored by Fanta.

Here, Brenna is showing off her happy, sad, not sure routine using a Red Vine. I made this up on the plane to see the parents over a year ago, to kill time, and the small child is still tickled to show this one off whenever she gets a chance. I look well pleased here that I'm teaching her well on the important things in life, like impromptu comedy.

We were the proud owners of a new dog for two days this month. Not sure exactly how that one happened, but he was a cute little bastard. Had it not been for my skin crawling, sinuses dripping, and Brenna staying perched on the top of the couch for fear that the puppy was going to eat her entrails, he might have had a chance at being a permanent fixture in our household. Alas, it was not to be.

I mean, don't I just look thrilled to have this dog in our house?

And finally, the grand finale for what may be the last blog for who knows how long, I present my lovely life adorned in makeup done by Brenna. Good evening.

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