Monday, March 07, 2011

Bottle Up And Go

Nothing short of a Christmas day miracle, I present to you the second blog in the last 30 days. Go, me.

Recently Emily crocheted for Brenna a very nice duck, upon request. At the time of this picture, this was a legless duck (the best kind, IMO), but Emily later completed the project and everyone was relieved. The child was well pleased. I forget the name that she gave this creation, but it's something along the lines of Sparkleheart Buttonbow Rainbottom. Our child is a fan of the hippie names.

Shortly after this, the small child was none too pleased with coming down with the sick nasties. Grrr.

At one point I had aspirations of creating a separate blog just for Brenna's photo taking, but that's fallen to the wayside (among other things). Below are a few of her recent favorites to take snapshots of, including her vanity that Grandma Sheila got her some time ago:

And Potty Racers. Yes, our child is living the high life.

Last weekend the small child and I got caught in what started out as wet snow, but later turned to sleet, and eventually this hail storm, pictured here. That's hail covering the ground at a local gas station. I did not take this picture through the window of the card whilst sitting at a red light with the child in tow. Absolutely not.

Here's a swell picture of the same storm tearing over the mountains east of our house. The following weekend it was 80 degrees and all again was right with the world.

And finally, a random picture of my lovely wife and the small child being pleasant, posted here if for no other reason than I just like it.

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