Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For The Record

Whilst talking to my mom this afternoon, the nice little book that (mostly) Emily put together for Grandpa Homans came up in conversation. There was a brief (30 seconds or less) debate regarding the Brenna drawing that made the back cover of said book. Mom thought the one I posted yesterday was on the back, and I thought it was a different drawing entirely.

After rummaging through the hard drive, I came across two others that were under consideration.

The first, of Brenna and Grandpa Homans going to the zoo most definitely didn't make the back cover, although I'm a big fan of this one. My favorite part of the picture is that it must have been an overcast day at the zoo; this time of the year I welcome the absence of the sun.

This, I believe, is the picture on the back of the book. Since it's no longer in my possession, I can't verify this for certain, but I don't recall Grandpa Potter being the one that the wife picked as the winner (see the next blog for the drawing in question).

In this shot, Grandpa Homans has taken off the baseball mitts and is catching two balls bare handed. Well, he's attempting to catch them with his stumps. It would appear the first ball has gotten past him, and Brenna's about to unleash the second ball in his direction.

So there you have it. You be the judge. Brenna thinks I'm correct.

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