Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebook's Lament

I for one will admit that Facebook has it's benefits. Besides connecting with people you haven't seen hair nor hide of for years, you can quickly upload pictures with little blurbs/captions, etc. This is fairly convenient for the guy on the go, such as I've become. With work keeping me more than busy (hence my posting this at 1 in the morning), as well as a wild and wooly three year old, it's becoming more and more of an effort to post anything here.

And therein lies my grief with Facebook, it sucks you in like any other bad habit. The convenience of it all completely destroys the art of the written word. And I'm now taking care of approximately fifteen fake fish in one of the many time killing games they offer there. My God, the distractions there are endless, and bordering on ridiculous.

But I digress. Perhaps I should blame the coffee for my rambling.

I have already posted the following pictures on, ahem, other websites, but the loyal blog followers will get my bonus rambling AND pictures, how nice for you!

A few days ago Emily and Brenna whipped out the aprons and chef's hats, and made some sugar cookies. Here are a few of the highlights. There are many more pictures, and when time permits (and/or should Facebook spontaneously combust), I'll submit another blog for your viewing pleasure.

Good evening.

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grandma becky said...

Tom, you are so funny. Beautiful pictures, too.