Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Continuing our leading up to Brenna's 3rd birthday, which is officially on Wed, 10/7, here are a few more shots of her party from this past weekend.

Upon coming into the house, the first thing our girl gravitated to were the balloons that I insisted we leave within reach. Brenna is a big fan of squeezing and/or kicking these things around the house, and we always have one handy for her (the last one we got was from Home Depot).

Here are some shots of Brenna and cousin Rachel enjoying some pizza. I caught Rachel about to flash some gang signs, it would appear. Fancy shoes, Aunt Beth!

More pizza enjoyment.

And if the last two shots weren't enough, here's another angle of the pizza eating. I told you I was going to milk these pictures for as many days as possible!

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