Friday, July 24, 2009

Quality Over Quantity

I finally have a few new pictures to share, and they're from today.

Here are a few shots of Brenna in her favorite dress from Easter. She requests this one from time to time, and tonight she wanted it adorned with angel wings, which you can't really see in the pictures because they were folded behind her.

She's been doing pretty well with letting me take pictures of her, rather than demanding to take them herself, which is working out much better for both of us.

After dress-wearing time, I ran down to the gas station and picked up some tasty treats, and here Brenna is enjoying a Push-Up. Messy little things when they get all melty (Brenna is in the tub as we speak, cleaning up from that ordeal).

And finally, some art work from tonight, Brenna is really enjoying her water colors, and we think she's doing a fine job with them. On her easel she can draw us a number of letters now, including B (obviously), D, L, and X, to name a few that I recall, off hand. We're also working on her number identification skills with the balls from our pool table, and she's doing pretty well up to about 11 or 12. And with some decent regularity, she's counting to 20 now. Just don't ask her to perform any of these skills on demand, or you'll get the Helen Keller response.
We're heading to Tucson to visit family tomorrow, I'll post pictures soon from that adventure. We're looking very much forward to it!

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