Sunday, July 05, 2009

July Brenna Mega-Post

With Voivod's "Infini" blaring in my i-Pod earphones, and Emily laying down with our tuckered daughter (read on), I hope to right the wrongs of my measily two-line blogs that I've been posting lately. It's been pretty busy getting as much work off my desk as possible before the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa H., and with that behind me, I'm ready to bore you endlessly with details about our last few days here in hell, er, Apache Junction (it was 110 here today).

Here's a shot of Brenna waiting for the grandparents to arrive. Or something like that. She's gotten very good with dressing herself, including accessorizing. The backwards flower visor is the in-look for 2010, you just don't know it yet. And don't forget the fuzzy slippers. I'm going out this week to get myself a pair.

Brenna was given a neat Beauty And The Beast puzzle, and is shown here explaining to Grandpa how the whole thing goes together.

Here you'll see Emily and Brenna posing over at the Apache Junction Super 8 pool. Brenna can't get enough of the water. Probably because it's the only escape from our summer heat. It didn't take the girl long to figure that one out, you either like water or you turn into crispy bacon by November. And no one wants a slab of burnt pork for a daughter. I know I don't.

Yes, she likes the water.

Later in the week (or near the end of the week, I'm confused), we all took advantage of the Phoenix Children's Museum's freebie Friday night (or whatever it was called). We got there 30 minutes early and had to stand in the sun in a line outside the building, until they let us in. It was elbows and orifaces in there, but Brenna sure enjoyed herself.
Here she is putting together a 4th of July pom-pom with minimal help from Emily.

And here she is spending about 30 minutes pushing sand around on a lit up table in the hallway of the 2nd floor of said museum. Grandma and Grandpa look on in the background, poised for another priceless Brenna shot.

Not sure what Brenna was doing here, besides looking cute. We'll leave it at that.

In the 3 and under room, Brenna spent some time "planting flowers", as seen here. I like this shot, the lighting is neato.

And here she is doing her Marilyn Monroe, standing over a vent with air coming out of it from underneath her (notice the hair blowing in the breeeze). This was a big hit, I think I'll install one of these in our house.

And here we are scooping split peas into a scale. Good times.

And last, but certainly not least, today we drove down to Tucson to go to a waterpark with (my) cousin Melanie and her lovely family. My aunt and uncle flew down as well, so this was as close to a family reunion as you can get, save someone dying, which nobody wants.
I look pretty pleased in this picture that despite my lack of coordination, I managed to not lose my child in the pool area anywhere. Emily captured that moment wonderfully here.

And finally, our child eating yogurt bites beneath a shady tree. That pretty much just sums up summertime. I think that wraps up this blog as well.

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