Sunday, May 03, 2009

This Past Week (And Then Some)

What a fun week this has been. When we last left off (last Tuesday), I got slammed with lots of late night work, including being up until 2am on Thursday and then 4am on Friday. I thankfully got Friday off, only to come down with Brenna's stomach bug that night. Emily kept an eye on Brenna most of Saturday while I recovered, taking two (2 hour) naps and sleeping for over 10 hours that night. So far Emily has avoided the worst of the bug, and Brenna is completely over it, so goodbye and good riddance.

Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks that, until now, I've failed to pull off the camera.

I don't recall posting this one before, so let's pretend I haven't. This one is of Brenna and Emily going down the twisty slide at the zoo.

Here's our girl of leisure, enjoying her new tot seat that Emily bought at a neighbor's garage sale for a dollar.
Another random picture of Brenna, after asking Daddy to give her a beard like his. Spitting image, I should think.

And finally, enjoying Nacho Libre on her pink DVD player. Despite all of the lounging shots, our daughter actually gets plenty of outdoors time. Just today she spent the better part of the morning dragging a hose around the yard with me, watering, and helped me with some digging. She also helped me pick most of the calomondins off that tree (see the Hoes blog for pictures of our bounty).
Happy new week to you all!

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