Friday, May 15, 2009

On The Run Again

So, here are a few shots of us going to see Brenna's favorite cousin Rachel performing in a school talent show.

This week was pretty much a blur. Tomorrow we're going to a family wedding in the far south valley, and we plan on slathering the anti-insect spray all over our arms and legs, as the mosquitoes are already getting bad here (which is odd, since it's rained exactly one time in the last three months). I'm on call for work Sunday afternoon, and will be working on Monday starting at midnight and plowing through a number of projects until 8 or 9 that morning when my regular shift starts. Should be a fun day, although really I'm looking forward to moving some folders off my desk and into the file cabinet. Monday will also clear the way for focusing on my upcoming trip to Columbia, South Carolina the first week in June. I'd like to say that trip will offer a nice break from our relentless heat, but it probably will be just as uncomfortable there as it is here. I recently found out about a new customer coming on board with us in September out of San Francisco, THAT will be a nice break from our summer.

But enough about me, how are you?

Perhaps more Brenna shots will come early next week from the wedding, and whatever we get into outside of that. Between now and mid-June, I expect that my posts will be fewer and farther between, for which I apologize.

While I'm gone, don't forget to periodically click on those annoying adds at the top of the blog. There have been some interesting ones lately. I don't know how anything I've mentioned here could possibly generate a singles ad. What's next, mail-order wives from Siberia? Stay tuned, I know I will be.

Think rain, and send it to the Southwest.

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