Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interpretive Dance

Eventually I will go out to the garage and track down the software instructions for our camcorder, so I can resume uploading video of our daughter. We have some good clips of her dancing, which her all time favorite pastime, but for now, these pictures will have to do.

She has quite the collection of what she calls "tricky moves", here are a few of them.

1 - Mid-twirl windmill move - She's got the Pete Townsend guitar windmill move down to an art. Capturing that in a picture would be near impossible, but here is part of the hand movement

2 - Side-stepping - This one she perfected when she could barely walk, and she's fine-tuned it over the past year

3 - The Leg-Lift - Her current favorite that she likes showing off. There are numerous variations of this, including laying on the ground raising a leg up, sitting on the floor and lifting a leg up, you get the drift.

Tonight while Emily was in the bedroom, she actually did a split. The camera wasn't handy for that one, hopefully I'll catch it the next time she does it.

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