Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nummy Nummy

Here are a few pictures that Emily took of Brenna eating her dinner tonight. As you can see, Diego was invited to the festivities and can be seen here covered in yogurt and applesauce. Fun was had by all. Brenna is very fond of toast these days, and asks for it by name on a regular basis.

In other random news, I organized the garage to the point where Emily can now park her car, which will be nice for the summer months as they approach. We were pondering having the windows tinted, as Brenna hates the sun still with a passion, but have opted to spend that money on a portable DVD player for our upcoming trip to see Grandparents H next week. We're hoping the player will keep our little one entertained for part of the flight to Nashville (dare to dream).

I have also discovered the world of Luchador (sp?) cinema. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mexican wrestlers attempting to act in very poorly plotted movies. For four dollars I bought a double feature from 1977. The first movie, which I've struggled through the majority of, involves three wrestlers fighting zombies and defending the honor of their lady friends, whom they've befriended at a match. There are no subtitles, a mediocre score, bad acting, and absolutely hysterical fainting from the actresses being "attacked" by said zombies. The other movie, which I've yet to view, is called "The Mystery In The Bermudas", that's my loose translation, and I'm sure it will be as action packed as the first.

Enjoy your evening, don't do anything we wouldn't.

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