Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flying Home

Here are a few pictures of Brenna flying home yesterday from Nashville. She did well on the ride back to the airport from Chattanooga (other than going postal about the prospect of getting french fries at Wendys only to be turned away when they weren't taking plastic).

Emily bought Brenna the Diego and Dora beanie collection to keep her occupied on the plane, and that more than did the trick (plus our portable DVD player, which was a lifesaver all the way around).

Here Brenna is holding Diego and baby jaguar while standing at Emily's feet. We were thankful to have a free row to ourselves coming and going (flying mid week each direction probably helped).

There's a trend you'll see in these pictures, Diego is firmly in our daughters hand at every turn.
Here she is being a big girl, strapped into her own seat, and watching who else, but Diego on the DVD player.

And here she is finally at home, showing off her floral headdress thingy that she got at the Ren Fair in Atlanta.
To date, in her 18 months here, our little girl has:
- Flown to Nashville from Phoenix two times
- Flown to Pennsylvania from Phoenix (via Chicago)
- Ridden from Nashville to Chattanooga to Atlanta twice
- Ridden from Phoenix to Las Vegas
- Ridden from Phoenix to Colorado Springs
Quite a number of miles under the old belt! Next year we'll be trying Hawaii in the Fall (and we'll be buying a second battery for our DVD player for that six hour flight!).

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