Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brenna On The Road

Here are some pictures of Brenna's third airplane trip away from home. After an uneventful journey here (slight fussing on the plane and an easy car ride from Nashville - THANK YOU portable DVD player!), Brenna spent some time catching up with Grandma and Grandpa H

After that we enjoyed some recreational time, including flipping over Daddy.

Today we went to a park in Chattanooga and played in the ginormous fountain pictured here. Brenna got thoroughly soaked but dried out quickly. Fun was had by all.

Oh yes, and Mama got soaked as well. Here they are standing in the "inner circle" of the fountain.

Here we are practicing our wrestling moves, this time in the great outdoors.

Tonight we played peek-a-boo with our washcloth (here is the peeka part).

And perhaps the highlight of the day, enjoying a lolli.

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