Monday, December 03, 2007

Here I Am

I'm finally in Lacey, Washington, outside of Olympia. Long day that started at four this morning, and is wrapping up now (after midnight). Thankfully the rain wasn't terrible driving here from the airport, and it's in the 50's, so I can't complain.

I am here:

Ah, trees. I had forgotten what real trees looked like, it's nice to be reminded now and again.

I'm hoping if the clouds clear (which they're supposed to on Thursday), to get a picture of Mt. Rainer, which is due east of here by not too much distance. About equally as far to the west is the Pacific and the south side of the Puget (sp?) Sound is very close to hear. I'm surrounded by things that don't exist back in AZ, how exciting!

Anyway, my apologies in advance for no Brenna pictures this week, if I find anything of interest on my laptop to post (other than hotel pictures), I'll do that. The Internet gods have blessed me with a CAT5 connection in my room, so I'm flying along here.



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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Thank you random stranger who filled my blog comment section with unintelligable blabber that I can't comprehend, nor care to. Your words of nonsense are an inspiration to me to waste other people's space and time with spam and other worthless information. Godspeed.