Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Pictures!

Seeing as Christmas is in the rear view mirror by almost a week, I thought it might be time to upload some pictures of our visit with Grandma and Grandpa H, including that day.

In the coming days I'll upload some other related shots including our meeting in Conyers with cousin Audrey and her little one, as well as Sheila (my biological /2nd mom / Brenna's 3rd grandma) and her two sons (my half brothers), and our trip down music row in Nashville before returning home.

I'm not sure when exactly some of these were taken, but this one appears to be me in mid sentence talking to my dad while Brenna is watching something on TV. She's a big fan of Noggin these days.

Emily likes this picture a lot, so I thought I'd share it with everyone else. This was either Friday before Christmas, or the night before when we went to church. Ignore the destruction in the background, yummy!

One of my favorite pictures from the trip, we're all looking at the camera and none of us look stoned! I'm proud to say that I didn't come across the first stoner Tom shot in all of the pictures I uploaded off Emily's camera, I must have been trying real hard to look excited at all times!

Brenna usually doesn't take to wearing things on her head, but this bow got by her somehow. This was on Christmas morning. In a lot of these shots from this trip her hair looked almost auburn colored. Whose child is this again?

Here's Emily doing her best deer in the headlights impression. I dig this picture, she's so pretty : )

Here is Grandpa W entertaining our little bear with a bug of some sort. A butterfly, perhaps? She seems to be digging his sound effects and wild arm movements. Sound effects are important.

Speaking of entertaining, here is Uncle Bill trying to win over Brenna with a Velcro Tigger. She loves this thing and will walk around the house with it strapped around her neck. She didn't seem interested in being too close to Uncle Bill during our visit, but chuckled at/with him on numerous occasions. What a funny fellow that Bill is.

Exhibit A of the aforementioned statement. Uncle Bill throwing down on the Backyardigans guitar. Brenna was amused. We all were.

Finally, a nice shot of both sets of grandparents with a squirmy fourteen month old.

Stay tuned, much more to come as time permits (in the small hours, no doubt).

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