Saturday, December 08, 2007

200th Post!

I've finally returned from my trip to the Northwest, and was welcomed back by yet more (welcome) rain. We've had nearly four inches since mid-November now, with more scheduled tomorrow night through Tuesday. I'm sad to report that I took zero pictures while on my trip through Washington, and considering the foul weather, there wasn't much to look at anyway.
While I was gone, Emily took some pictures of Brenna around the house, and I've taken a few today, so here they are, for your viewing pleasure.
Grandma H was kind enough to ship Brenna her Xmas gift to her early, so she can enjoy it before we leave to visit them. Here is she is enjoying her new little home.

Skipping around, Emily took this picture a few weeks ago of Brenna and I enjoying a warmer, sunny day, out on the hammock.

Here, Brenna seems to be walking around the kitchen, carrying an empty bag of sugar. Not sure what this is about, I wasn't here.

Here's another shot with Brenna and Daddy, this one on the couch reading books and enjoying each others company.

Another new toy, this little gizmo shoots balls up in the air and be collected and put back into the chute, where it starts all over again. Brenna seems to love this thing.

Can't you tell she's ecstatic?

Finally, a last shot of Brenna and Daddy both at their most insightful.

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