Monday, September 03, 2007

Quick Update From The Road

Just checking in, we're in Bloomfield, NM at the moment, heading to Colorado Springs today. Brenna has been a great traveller so far, reading books and singing songs with Emily to kill the time. On Saturday we drove for over three hours before Brenna asked for a break. We managed to cover nearly 300 miles in five hours. Yesterday we took it easy and only drove 140 miles. Emily has a friend in Farmington that she visited during the afternoon while I worked (what fun). This morning I'm in the hotel business center, on-call for a project I'm going to Colorado to support tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get out of here today in good time since we still have another 300 miles to go. We may not be able to upload any pictures from our travels until we return home this Sunday, not alot of time for such matters once we drag our twenty bags into the room each night and get Brenna settled in for bedtime. Later!

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