Saturday, September 15, 2007

Did You Miss Us?

We're finally back from our little road trip. What was supposed to be a one-weeker to Colorado and back ended up being nearly two. I'm already missing the rain and cool weather (108 in mid-September? Ouch).

Below are a few pictures from the road. As time permits, I'll upload as many others as I can. Brenna did very well on the road and adapted well to sleeping in odd places.

There was a little bit of this during the trip, which was a welcome break for Emily:

Emily also didn't mind when she was in this mood:

Here we are in one of our numerous hotel rooms, Brenna is inspecting her comb before bedtime.

Here's a shot of Brenna at the Aztec Ruins in north New Mexico. This was one of a number of stops to get her out of the car for a breather.

This one has Brenna showing off some of her teeth, Emily says she has an 8th one coming in as we speak.

This little seat that Grandma H gave us as an early birthday gift for Brenna came in handy on the road. With this clamp seat Brenna was able to eat her meals with us at all times.

Oh, the humanity. Brenna succumbs to the powerful forces of the McDonald's Cinnamon Minis. If this isn't a great shot for advertising these things, I don't know what is. Hmmm, icing goodness.

Finally, we leave you with Brenna plotting our course. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Outstanding photos, every last one. Maybe if you'd let her navigate, you would have made it home sooner. Ha ha ha. Impressive that she adapted so well to the travel. That's wonderful for you two--and for her of course! Welcome back!