Monday, September 20, 2010

D Is For Dinosaur

More than a week later, and I've returned with many a photo to share with you good people. As luck would have it (for you), I'll be working a lot in the evenings between now and my next trip out of town (hopefully to cooler weather), and as a result, there will be ironically more time to post here (with the small child asleep, and whatnot).

Here is a sneak preview.

There will be, of course, lots of Brenna pictures, including ones like this at the laptop, making cookies with cousin Rachel, visiting with Grandma Sheila (now nearly three weeks ago), and a swell tea party with mama.

Catching up from a few weeks ago, here are Brenna's D crafts from pre-school, one being a dinosaur, and I'm not sure that that other thing is.

E is for elephant. Included here is a nice dinosaur craft, and a flower made at church a little while ago.

Be forewarned, these next few weeks won't be pretty, but we'll get through it. Cheers.

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