Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gave Up Givin' Up

So, this week we freaked ourselves out thinking our child had eye cancer due to a white blur that showed up in one of her eyes from a picture we took of her in the bathroom (see said picture in the last blog, and do some reading on retina blastoma, if you're so inclined).

It was good to take Brenna in to get her eyes checked anyway, but it was not a terribly pleasant trip. The first part went well, where she was asked to identify pictures of cakes, jeeps (which she identified as tractors), birdies, horsies, and monkeys (which was a picture of an old rotary phone, like a child Brenna's age knows what one of those things are). Then came the drops in the eyes. Anyway, some screaming and peeing on the waiting room carpet later, we were given a good report that all is well.

Anyway, to see if we could further freak ourselves out, we took a million pictures of our child's eyes (kind of counterproductive). The side benefit is that you get some new shots here!

Our child thoroughly enjoys playing any number of games on Noggin, and has mastered the mouse to the point where we just let her go on her own. She'll stand on her stepstool and play for 30 minutes at a time (unless she clicks on something that gets her off her game), sometimes longer. She's using her left hand primarily for this function, although we've seen her draw with both (she favors her left foot for kicking things).

Here are a few closeups of her eating carrots.

And finally, a pretty Cinderella outfit that she chose with a gift card that Grandma and Grandpa "H" sent her recently.

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