Monday, August 03, 2009

First August Post
My creativity has absolutely ran out when it comes to witty subject lines. What can you do, after nearly three years of keeping this site updated, it's probably a wonder that I still manage to update it on a fairly regular basis.

Here are some nifty collages of Brenna from church yesterday, with her cousin. Brenna loves playing with Ms. Diane and Papa Ron, and we're blessed that they take such good care of her and provide us with these wonderful pictures.

That's a block of ice that the kids are holding, licking, etc.

And from ice to water, here are a few shots of Brenna in the tub last night. Quite the card, she is.

With the flash on the camera, she's got a weird eye thing going on here, but look at that tongue. Another wonderful thing she's gotten from Daddy (or Gene Simmons).

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grandma becky said...

Praise God, praise God.