Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quick Update

Sorry, no pictures today, we haven't taken any shots of our little once since Saturday when it rained most of the afternoon and we didn't have much else to do.

Brenna is doing well, not sleeping much at night, but Emily's working on getting her back into the groove with a nifty new book she bought last night at Borders. We love taking Brenna with us to eat, she's always so good nibbling on Emily's food. She's decided she's not a fan of baby food, so we're skipping ahead to other things.

Other than this, there isn't much else going on. We are planning a garage sale this Saturday, and we're working on converting the rest of our living room and kitchen to Hawaiian decor, but that's about it.

If you're interested, I'm posting a few pictures of my gourd vine that's taking over the north side of our house. That'll be over at the Hoes blog.

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