Friday, September 15, 2006

Brenna's Coming! (Sooner Than You Think)

This is probably the last "inside the mama" shot of Brenna before she arrives! Emily found out at the doctor's this past week that baby is already weighing in a tad shy of 8 pounds, and she's not going to be allowed to carry beyond 38 weeks. As of tomorrow she's at 37, you can do the math! We find out this Wednesday on what day she'll be induced (we're being told around 9/23) and from there, who knows how many Brenna photos will be plastered all over this site! Why am I shouting!?!?!?

Anywho, below are a couple of ultrasound shots of baby from mama's last visit. Her belly was measuring 39 weeks, so I guess they took these to make sure Emily wasn't smuggling an illegal immigrant in there or something (my apologies, without you our neighborhood landscaping would look atrocious).

The first shot is of baby's foot (one of them anyway, we're thinking she has two of these) and toes. The other is an under the nose, Brenna is head down (load the torpedoes!), so they couldn't get a good shot of her entire face. I briefly saw a pair of eyes, but Betty the ultrasound lady was slow on the trigger taking these shots.

<-- Look! Five toes, glad that foot isn't coming out first!

<--- Where's Waldo? Can you see
the mouth and nose? I can! And no
one had to point it out to me!

Stay tuned, lots of baby pictures will be posted under the photo link on the right side of this page.


Christine said...

You guys gotta get that baby out of there!!

Tom & Emily said...

We're hoping sooner than later. We'll know more on Wednesday!