Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brenna Update

Emily and I were expecting a drag out beat down conversation with her c-section happy doctor today about not letting her go past 38 weeks, but were pleasantly (?) suprised when he advised her that he wanted to wait another week before we discussed delivery options. Emily is still measuring at 38 weeks, so the baby must have shifted since last weeks measurement. The doctor advised that Brenna is still riding pretty high in the belly and hopes that she drops between now and next week's visit (Emily, get going on those jumping jacks!).

In the meantime, Emily and her mom are almost finished with the nursery, below is a near completed mural of Lilo and Stitch, and another picture of the crib and rocking chair, which I painted (a test of my patience, for sure).

Looks like Brenna may still be an October baby! More to come next week (maybe sooner).

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Darrick & Melanie said...

What great news about waiting longer for Brenna's premiere. The nursery is looking great!