Friday, August 11, 2006

Tom's Blog Site Created - Metal School

Just an FYI, you'll find a link in the right margin to my blog site. There's absolutely nothing there at the moment, but soon... Like all of my other login IDs on the net, the name of my blog site is from a song by an excellent Austin band called Spoon (you'll find a like for their website below Metal School).

- Random thoughts/rants
- Family
- Music
- Landscaping (everyone's favorite, I'm sure)

More to come (as time permits).


Christine said...

I love Spoon! I can't wait to meet the newest Homans...I hope it won't be long before I'm in AZ again!

(Also glad to see you've joined the blogspot world)

Tom & Emily said...

I came across Spoon back in 1999 when they released their first CD, and have been hooked ever since. We've seen them play in Tucson once, and saw Britt do an acoustic thing at a local CD store (and got to talk to him after the show, which was pretty cool).

We're glad to be connected with you and the Mallons through this site, what a great way to stay in touch!