Thursday, February 07, 2013

Back To The Future, Part Duex

I'm happy to report that Fred and Lamont made it out of that concrete jungle known as Oro Valley.

Meanwhile, back in July of 2012, we were hunkered down at the hotel watching the second monsoon storm roll into town.   This was the view from the front of the resort.

And because I like that wall cloud so much, here's another shot, at closer range.

You would have thought that we were in Hawaii from looking at this shot overlooking the pool area.  

We hung out on this terrace for quite some time, watching the rain continue to pound down. The small child was unsure of being exposed to the thunder and lightning, but that's how we roll, living on the edge.

This is from the second evening of our stay, with the storm clouds passing at sunset.

Stay tuned, I have day three of this trip coming soon.   Yes, I'm milking this for all it's worth.  I no longer own a camera of my own, and I lost the USB cable to my phone. 

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