Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Another two weeks have breezed by and nary a blog post from me. My apologies, it's been a tad busy here lately. We're about to head off for a visit with my family, but before we do, I thought I'd post the few pictures I've taken on my phone and/or camera in the last couple.

Catching Brenna jumping into the pool at swim lessons with my slow camera phone continues to be an exercise in futility. This is the closest I've gotten to catching her over the water.

And since that's the only new Brenna picture I have in my possession (I hear Emily has some of a recent school outing on her camera, but I haven't seen them yet), here are a few pictures of our new fish we inherited from a friend of our brother in law. In the first picture below, this fish (apparently called a jewel cichlid) had laid eggs all over the side of this rock, but alas, they were gone/consumed by morning.

If time permits, I'll be posting some pictures of our roses on the gardening blog. With the weather warming up, they're doing very well right now.

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