Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Wife Made Me Do It

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed viewing the girl in a box blog for the last six to eight weeks. That post wasn't exactly a crowning achievement of Blogdom, and I apologize profusely for leaving you with that half-assed effort for all of this time. After putting in 14 hours at work today, and drinking what seems like an entire pot of coffee, I'm ready to soldier on with this submission, sleep and whatever may come tomorrow be damned.

While I'm not phoning this one in, I'm also not going to reach back into the archives and post pictures of our small child and describe in great detail what she's been up to since she was residing in the box back in early December. I will mention, if I haven't already, that the money we saved on said box at a Black Friday sale was wiped out by two visits to the chiropractor to repair the damage done to my back carrying the damn thing to the car. God has a great sense of humor, I SO get Him.

So here we go, the quick and dirty summary of what we've been up to these past few weeks. Let's see, we went to Tennessee in mid-December to spend a week with my parents and ever-wandering cousin. It was cold, damn cold, and snowy too. Brenna enjoyed it all thoroughly. During this trip she overcame her fear of blacklight putt-putt golf, and endless twists and turns from the backseat of a mini-van.

Fast forward to January, where I took a trip to Birmingham for work and another visit to see the parents. It was damn cold there too, and snowy. Go figure, it is winter in most parts of the country (I say that after a 76 degree day here in the desert). I'm happy to report that I'm still employed, and expect to be until told otherwise.

Brenna is still enjoying pre-school, and we're counting down the months now until her summer break and the lovely weather that comes with that.

Here are some shots of her recent alphabet-related crafts.

O is for octopus, complete with Cheerio tentacles.

P is for Pig, looks like ___________ to me. Oh, snap, I went there.

M is for mouse. And a festive mouse it is/was/will ever be.

And finally, before I offend anyone else, here are a few Brenna shots from the past few months. As the Ren Festival approaches, I'll hopefully have some updates of the small child and I spending countless weekends together while the wife is peddling shirts for (foremerly known as) Rollie Fingers, and helping us fight off the IRS man until April.
Until then.

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