Monday, June 15, 2009

Rationing The Brenna

Here are a few new shots from the recent flood that we've taken lately.

The first is of Brenna from this past Saturday. The pinching the neck thing is a nervous habit, if you're nearby, she'll pinch you as an alternative, not too pleasant.

This is her June dress from the Little Einsteins show from the Disney Channel.

And fresh off the presses, a couple of pictures this morning of me trying to teach the child to "flash the horns", in homage to heavy metal. Her pinkies don't seem to work in conjunction with her index fingers, so below is what we got for our experiment.

So far today I've put in my time at work, done two loads of laundry, filled our outside trash can with lawn clippings from the back yard, walked three miles and ran one on the treadmill, listened to the live (18 minute) version of The Outlaws' "Green Grass And High Tides" (one of the finest songs God has ever graced us with, IMO), and have shared this blog with the world. If there was only time for a nap before Emily and Brenna get home.

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