Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day At The Park

Okay, I get to drop the word duck multiple times here in an attempt to get some cool links to "ducks for sale", "duck meat by mail", or other duck related topics in the ads across the top of ye old blog, which I hope you're still indulging us by clicking from time to time, so our Brenna can buy a meal or two when at college in some sixteen years.
We went to the park today for a family get together. Here's a splendid shot of Brenna caught in the act of feeding a duck, perhaps two ducks, perhaps three ducks. Cousin Rachel's hair is flying in the breeze in the background, more about her later.
You'll see what appears to be two white ducks and perhaps a mallard duck in the vicinity.
Duck duck duck duck duck.
Straight out of young ladies clothing catalog, I present Miss Brenna sporting a nifty new long sleeve shirt supplied by Grandma H (I believe). You can't tell here, but the shirt features a nifty pattern of birds, if memory serves. Keep scrolling and we may get the answer to that mystery. Who knows, maybe they're ducks.
As Brenna is gazing off into the distance, perhaps contemplating the next chance she'll have at whopping one of us across the head when we least expect it (hey, we're working on correcting that), cousin Rachel is staring off across the bubbling stream (not pictured here, but believe me, it was there). She's sporting some sort of active wear featuring some nifty stripped pink pants, a girly top with a nifty print of something hip for the day, and a super cool turquoise bracelet.

And finally, some close ups of our Cookie Monster being nibbled on by her mama. Don't click on the close ups of these if you have a boogie phobia. And yes, the print on her shirt appears to be birds, but not necessarily ducks.
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