Friday, February 09, 2007

Super Sized Brenna

After a weeks absence, I'm trying to make up for lost time here with a slew of new Brenna pictures to share. Thankfully I wasn't gone due to illness, it's just been too nice outside this week to spend any more time in this office. I'll be posting some yard pictures later to show what's been going on in the great outdoors, so check the Hoes blog... if you dare, ha ha ha.

The first picture of the night is of Brenna in her newest contraption, some sort of jungle-themed slingshot. Notice we've had to stack phone books under it so her feet can touch. Every time she squirms in this thing it plays jungle music, and every time I get hungry for Rainforest Cafe.

This next shot is of Brenna in her Bumpo, on the kitchen counter (being closely supervised, of course). This is one of Emily's favorite shirts of hers at the present, so we had to preserve the moment.

The rest of these were of Emily trying to get a good Brenna picture in this Valentine's day outfit. She took about, um, a hundred pictures (well, not quite that many), and I thought a lot of them turned out really well, so here are a few of them, for your viewing pleasure.
Brenna weighed in at 14 lbs even at her four month check up earlier this week, and we were told that she's in good health. Her thighs have gotten chunky enough that she barely noticed the four shots they gave her while we were there. Grrr.

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